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Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is a great way to put your business in front of over 17000 hits to this site every month. That means your business will receive exposure at less than 1c per visit. That is great value for your targeted market.

We have 2 separate locations on the page template available. There are 2 slots in each of those templates, and they will be made available on a first come basis.

Location number one is the prime advertising location.

It is at the top right corner on the site. You can see the demo on the right of this page.

There is a second location, again available on ALL site pages, at the bottom right of the footer section.

Exclusive Display banners will sell quickly each month, and there is only a maximum of 2 available. Shared display will be shared with other advertisers, and shared banners will be served on a random basis on each page refresh. The banner will link directly to your own website. If you do not have a website, or wish to have a page created within this website, please use the contact form below for a quote.

No Banner advertising is displayed on the site main ‘Splash Page’

There will be impression and click through rates made available to you, which will enable you to track the progress of your banners.


Top Right

195 x 125px

Monthly Rate: Exclusive Display – $100 (Now only 1 place remaining)

Monthly Rate: Shared Display – $50

Bottom Right

125 x 125px

Monthly Rate: Exclusive Display – $80 (Only 2 places Available)

Monthly Rate: Shared Display – $35

Should you wish to take advantage of these exclusive display areas, please use the below form to request availability, and reserve your location. We will contact you with the banner and text requirements as soon as possible.


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