Clubhouse Pool Maintenance

Clubhouse Swimming Pool Closure

Please be advised that the clubhouse swimming pool will be closed for resurfacing of the pool bottom beginning Monday April 29. The project is anticipated to last approximately 15 days, but may extend beyond that if inclement weather conditions occur.

We understand that the timing for this is not ideal, but we have been ordered by the Department of Health to complete this work immediately. Though it presents no immediate health threat, the “sanitary condition of the pool surface walls and bottom” is one of the conditions monitored by the state health inspectors. We must also comply with a new code requiring non-slip tiles in certain sections of the pool. Postponing this project until summer is over would be considered noncompliance and would result in the pool being closed indefinitely by state officials.

When the job is complete you’ll have a sparkling new pool with new tile and new LED underwater lights – just in time for summer!

Bob Hudgins
General Manager