New Visitor Management System

New changes to Visitor Management System

We are excited to announce that effective July 15th we will have a new access control company called RAMCO & a new visitor management system called

All homeowners & tenants should have received the instructions with the community code in an email from Ramco today. Please wait till Tuesday, July 16th to set-up account.

Please note the following changes:

  1. Each address will have its own unique 6-digit passcode assigned by RAMCO.
  2. Each address will need a primary phone number. (if you are an owner to multiple addresses – each address will need a different phone number)
  3. If you do not have a phone number listed on the account, it will state “NULL” on the user name. If it states “NULL” please contact administration at 407-275-7002 opt. 1 and provide a phone number to help set-up your account.
  4. Effective August 1st the gate house phone number will be changing to 407-794-1755 & the voice call in will be the old gate house number – 407-380-5672
  5. Please Visit This Link for the Manual on how to manage your account

Tekwave will still be active temporary during this transition. Please be patient during this time 😊

Please contact Admin if you have any further questions.

Gabby Ramos, CAM

Ventura Country Club

3333 Woodgate Blvd

Orlando, FL 32822

Phone: 407-275-7002 Ex. 301