Sunshine Ladies


By Linda Dolan 

Obviously, during these trying times, the Sunshine Club has not been meeting. Therefore, I have nothing to report. Instead, I will use this month to reprise a column I usually write in August. I
As I have done for the last few years, I want to use this column to thank the many people who keep our organization humming. I would like to begin with Elaine Gill and Norma Poutre who take over for me when I am away during the year. I also want to thank the members who have made my job much easier for the last year. Thanks to Marie Noble who played piano, our singing is much better when accompanied by music. Special thanks to Tanny LaDue who as treasurer, handles the money and pays the bills. 

Thanks to Bev Meer who plays holiday music and runs sing-a-longs for holiday meetings.
Thanks to Norma and Bob Poutre who take lovely boxes of candy to those in the community who are hospitalized or in nursing homes for rehab or extra care. Norma also organizes the serving of refreshments. Food is brought by table, each taking a turn. Norma expedites this and makes sure each table knows when it is their turn. Norma is also an eagle eye, watching for newcomers, finding them a seat and introducing them to the group. It can be quite intimidating to walk into a group of strangers and it is nice to know we have someone who makes sure the initial contact is welcoming.
Thanks to Cheryl Powers who sends the cards to those who are ill in our community. They are appreciated.
Thanks to the restaurant staff and clubhouse staff who set up the ballroom and buffet tables each week. We appreciate their efforts. When we have a speaker who needs a projector we depend on Josh Bennett who always helps to set it up.
We appreciate Kathy Clemens and Cheryl Powers who take care of the library, and the small army of aides:Lou Soulard, Marie Noble, Tanny LaDue, Judy Reiff, Pat Harmon, Kathy Kubala,and Arkie Berg for the help they provide when asked. The library is a big job and it doesn’t take care of itself.
Thanks to Cecilia Phillipone who took over running the Flea Market. Cecilia and her committee Cheryl Powers, Pat Harmon, Karen Merck, Marcia Klein, Cathy Clemens who produced a great success. Also, thanks to Tanny and Bill LaDue who helped with moving and hauling.
Thanks to all who help with finding speakers. It is very difficult to find people weekly and several people pitched in. I hope they will continue in the fall.
Thanks to Ann O’Reilly for arranging the painting classes and to Ann and Marina McTeague for their jokes. Laughter is the best medicine and they provide a lot.
Special thanks to Joan Brown and husband Bill who collect the many blankets, toiletries, tabs an clothing and deliver them to the various locations, Ronald McDonald House, Winnie Palmer Hospital and The Russell Home Thrift Shop. Joan also kept track of how many items were delivered.
Special kudos to Sally Russell and Christine Wanta, whose superb organizational skills have kept the Me Doll Project running smoothly. Thanks to our stuffers, seamstresses, wig makers, smock makers and hat creators, and those who come together to dress the dolls and sew on hair and hats. Special thanks to the generous donations from the members when we need funds for supplies. This project is dear to us all and we are very proud of the job we do.
Thanks to the entire membership for the effort made to make our Christmas Card project a success. We compiled names and addresses of members who have moved or who are no longer able to attend and sent cards. It was a larger job than I anticipated, but we sent over 50 out and received many notes in return.
Thanks to Elaine Humphrey who keeps us informed about the board meetings. Finally, thanks to the selflessness and generosity from the members, providing support for our charities. We provide goods and services for many local organizations.
I’m sure I have forgotten some helpers. I apologize and I will mention them next month.
Keep up your spirits and sense of humor, watch for phone scams and enjoy our summer weather. We are dealing with a pandemic, 

threat of hurricanes and Love bugs. Things can only get better We will talk again next month