Ventura Cat Project July 2020

Ventura Cat Project at venturaorlando

Celebrating our country’s independence is full of food, family and fun. But it also can be very frightening for our pets. Fireworks produce bright lights, loud noises and strong smells which are very stressing to animals. Here are a few ways to keep your pets safe.

Leave your pets at home if you are going to be around any large gatherings that may

have fireworks or fire crackers, etc. Make sure your pet wears an ID collar with correct contact information. Many pets try to escape from the noise when they are frightened and get lost. Animal shelters report a higher than normal intake of lost pets during this holiday. If your pet is typically outside, you may want to bring them in for the day. Put them in a room where the noise is less intense and play the radio or TV for soothing background noise. If your pet is hyper sensitive to noise
consider asking your veterinarian for suggestions on how to keep them calm.

We’d like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

If you feed or see any Ventura Community cats in your neighborhood without an ear tip, please call 203-253-1934. Ventura Community Cats are fixed and vaccinated for FREE!